Fly Plaid (custom to match kilt)



Each fly plaid is made custom to match the fabric of your kilt. If we made your kilt, no need to worry since we keep your records. If someone else made the kilt, then we need to know the weight of the fabric used, the weaver, and the tartan. If unsure about how to submit information, there will be an option for a note at the end of the order. But you can also email us with details at

The plaid will come with a fringe all around and gathered in the corner to help with pinning it. If you don’t want it gathered, please advise. This is a basic fly plaid which uses 1.5 meters of fabric.

Please note that if you have old and rare fabric or any House of Edgar fabric, the plaid will have an additional fee. Please text or email prior to ordering so we can provide you with the correct amount.

Please allow 8 weeks for delivery of this custom product

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