Claymore and Targe Pewter Kilt Buckle


Kilt buckle with Claymore and center targe, 100% lead free pewter. Made in Scotland. Scottish Treasures

Claymore and Targe Kilt Buckle, Pewter. Made in Scotland


The Claymore and Targe pewter belt buckle is meant to evoke the famous fighting spirit of the Highlander.

A Claymore, or claidheamh-mòr (‘great sword’) was a heavy two-handed battle sword, favoured in Scotland, and especially the Highlands, from the later middle ages. It was characterised by its great size and forward sloping arms. Targes were highly decorative small shields used to deflect blows before the sword could be bought into play.

The buckle is made from solid 100% lead free Pewter. Made to take a traditional 2 1/4″ kilt belt, which can be purchased separately.

Hand-cast and finished in Glasgow, Scotland.

Size 10 cm by 6.8 cm.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for this custom buckle.


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Weight 1 lbs

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