Celtic Saltire Pewter Kilt Buckle


Celtic Saltire kilt buckle, pewter. Made in Scotland. Scottish Treasures

Celtic Saltire Kilt Buckle. Pewter. Made in Glasgow, Scotland


Celtic Saltire Kilt Buckle is made from the finest quality of 100% lead free Pewter. Made to take a traditional 2 1/4″ kilt belt, which can be purchased separately.

A story goes that before King Oengus II led a Scottish and Pictish army to victory over the English in 832AD, a white cross was seen in the sky, and was taken as evidence of the intervention of Andrew in the Scottish triumph. This is said to be the origin of the Scottish Flag (the saltire) and Andrew being the kingdom’s patron saint. 

The intricate interlaced knotwork patterns found throughout the culturally Celtic parts of early medieval Britain, represented eternity and the twisting threads of fate. 

Hand-cast and finished in Glasgow, Scotland.

Size 10.5cm by 7.5cm.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for this custom buckle.


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Weight 1 lbs

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