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Have you ever thought about the various ways you can wear a scarf or sash?

A rosette is a great way to dress up an ordinary sash or scarf.  They look great pinned on the shoulder with a fancy brooch for an evening out. But they can also have a casual look when worn on the shoulder for a day out at any Scottish events.  I’ve also worn my rosette as a wide ribbon on my sunhat.  There are many options!

Our video takes you through the process of folding a scarf.  You will need a rubber band and a few safety pins to get started along with your favorite tartan scarf or sash.  We always finish our rosettes with a nice brooch in the center.  Our clan brooches are $30 each, very sturdy, and available in over 200 names.

If you find that the final product didn’t come out quite right, just send us a photo and we will help you fix the issue.  You can reach us at

Cap Badge, Clan Baird, made in Scotland from 1005 lead free pewter. Scottish Treasures

Sample – Baird Cap Badge, pewter




Large sash rosette

Rosette folded into a wider sash

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